Crane Risk Logic Announces the Creation of the CRL Federation


Sugar Land, TX – March 9, 2023 – Crane Risk Logic, Inc., announces the creation of the CRL Federation, a Global Federation for Crane Risk Improvement, the first-of-its-kind interactive risk improvement organization for crane owners. The CRL Federation was born from a partnership announced in October 2022, with Crane Risk Logic and Texas A&M’s Crane Safety Research Lab.

The CRL Federation is the brainchild of Jim Wiethorn, Ph.D., P.E. a professional forensic engineer, inventor, author, speaker, and stalwart of the crane industry for over 40 years and founder of Crane Risk Logic, Inc. The objective of the Federation is to bring crane owners together with trade groups, OEM’s, unions and other industry stakeholders to confidentially share risk intelligence to measurably improve risk factors that cause crane accidents, injury, death and property damage, using data science, engineering-based technology applications and predictive analysis.

The CRL Federation will provide members with an innovative risk intelligence sharing forum through the University’s Crane Safety Research Lab. Crane Risk Logic as the Federation’s administrator provides members data system access with crane accident causation metrics, engineering-based telematic applications to measure and grade performance, and various risk improvement learning modules to help crane owners prevent accidents and save lives in their operations.

We could not be more excited for the future of crane safety and accident prevention” said Dr. Wiethorn. This unique partnership between the University with the CRL Federation and  Crane Risk Logic is what is needed to move the needle to achieve measurable crane risk improvement. Added Wiethorn, “the University has committed their engineering resources and state-of-the-art learning methods, that when combined with CRL proprietary crane accident data and interactive feedback from crane owners in the CRL Federation, will deliver transformative results in crane risk improvement. The integration of higher education academic resources with (40) years of proprietary crane engineering data, and inter-active crane owner feedback worldwide through the CRL Federation does not exist in our world today”.

Founded by Dr. Jim Wiethorn in 2018, Crane Risk Logic (CRL) is a global risk improvement service provider delivering data science-based risk consulting and engineering-based technology solutions for crane owners, crane related trade groups and other industry stakeholders. The company’s core mission is to help save lives in global crane operations through leveraging its proprietary data and technology solutions with shared intelligence from crane owners to achieve continual crane risk improvement. Another industry recognized risk management veteran, Kevin Cunningham joined Dr. Wiethorn to help build and launch the business as Crane Risk Logic’s President & CEO.

The mission of Crane Risk Logic is straightforward: to efficiently administer crane risk improvement initiatives utilizing select subject matter expert resources in a collective and ongoing learning environment with crane owners worldwide to help save lives. Our direct intention is to challenge the status quo with current crane project safety methods utilizing CRL Smart Technology data output that will integrate factual historical data with new crane source data for predictive analytics to help crane owners achieve continual risk improvement in their crane operations. There is power in data and there is equal power in numbers to leverage the requisite changes needed to measurably improve construction-related fatality results, that have flatlined for over a decade.”

The Texas A&M Crane Safety Research Lab will be part of the University’s RELLIS campus in Bryan, TX. This former air base is transforming into a mobile field campus for construction and other studies.

In addition to Wiethorn and Cunningham, the team at Texas A&M includes Dr. Patrick Suermann, Dean (interim) College of Architecture (Construction Sciences), Dr. Jorge Vanegas, V.P. of Texas A&M Academic & Strategic Collaborations, Mr. Kelly Templin, Director, RELLIS Research Campus, and Dr. Stephen Mulva, director of Crane Safety Research Lab.

The RELLIS Campus in itself is an incredible story. Billed as America’s newest center for transformative research and education, RELLIS is a collaborative ecosystem built to foster advanced research, technology, development, testing and evaluation, higher education, and hands-on career training.

Wiethorn added: “Crane Risk Logic working in partnership with the University safety lab, will deliver one-of-a-kind crane risk intelligence sharing resources to maximize the power of crane data for continuous risk improvement in global crane operations.”

This tri-party specialist approach [CRL / CSR Lab / Federation] combines the strength of each partner’s purpose to transform currently lagging safety results in industrial, and construction industries. The international injury and fatality statistics are staggering. Each year more than 2 million men and women die from workplace injuries and illnesses, according to statistics from the International Labour Organization. Radical change is needed…and CRL represents this change” said Cunningham.

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