The future is Crane Risk Management As A Service℠ (C/RMAAS℠) – a paradigm shift that transcends traditional safety approaches and empowers your operations like never before, driving transformational change for crane risk improvement through CRL crane risk culture upgrades.

A Journey Toward Continous Risk Improvement

Crane Risk Management As A Service begins with a holistic operational risk assessment process to establish a baseline for risk culture upgrades to achieve continual crane risk improvement:

  1. Risk Climate
  2. Contract Risk
  3. Safety Training
  4. Accident Causation
  5. Insurance Structure

These multi-dimensional risk assessments are conducted by highly recognized professional risk management organizations under the direction of CRL.

Elevating Risk Management Perforamance

This Crane Risk Management as a Service process culminates with the administration of our proprietary (10)-step Crane Risk Culture Upgrade System. This dynamic system propels your organization into a realm of heightened safety performance and accountability. Seamlessly integrated with our cutting-edge technology, the CRL Crane Rsik Culture Upgrade System output and the Risk Information Exchange data process drive continuous improvements, creating safer, more efficient operations.

The 10 Crane Risk Culture Upgrade Variables

  1. Leadership Commitment
  2. Open Communication Environment
  3. True Workforce Engagement
  4. Jobsite Safety Climate Assessments
  5. Continuous Learning Environment
  6. Attitude Transformation
  7. Situational Awareness Mastery
  8. Performance Measurement and Accountability
  9. Recognition and Rewards for Excellence
  10. Cultural Indoctrination and Crisis Management

Unlocking the Future Today

Embrace your future of crane safety with CRL’s Crane Risk Management As A Service. Join us in reshaping the industry, fostering a culture of excellence, and achieving unparalleled safety performance. Together, we’re building a safer, more efficient tomorrow.

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