CRL technologies empower crane operators and management with real-time risk management insights, ensuring safer and more productive crane operations.

Technological Breakthroughs for Enhanced Safety

Our technology innovations center around two key pillars: real-time digital evaluation of operator and equipment safety performance and advanced overhead powerline identification warning systems. These breakthroughs are backed by proprietary software designs, fully patented and meticulously crafted for high efficiency and an unparalleled user experience. Our innovations result from over 30 years of forensic engineering data, and risk management experience enabling us to deliver real-time safety measurements, hazard grading, and warnings geared towards preventing incidents and, ultimately, saving lives in crane operations.

Advantages for Crane Operators and Management

  • Accident Prevention: We believe in proactive safety. Our technology enables concurrent safety performance measurement and grading of all lift cycle data. Real-time warnings based on proven hazards provide operators with the tools to avert accidents before they happen.
  • Situational Awareness: Operators and supervisors are equipped with continuous situational awareness. Our technology fosters safety accountability by bridging the gap between the field and home office management, enabling real-time communication and decision-making.
  • Regulatory Compliance Upgrades: Our solutions make adhering to new OSHA regulations easier. Our technology delivers evaluation and validation for operator safety standards qualification, ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Project Productivity Enhancement: CRL technology empowers your workforce to maintain the highest safety standards while maximizing productivity by delivering real-time actionable intelligence. This technology engages and aligns your team with company safety protocols.
  • Unmanned Maintenance Verification: Protecting crane owner interests is paramount. Our technology aids in verifying maintenance conditions, ensuring that equipment damage cost reimbursement with bare crane rentals is accurate and fair.
  • Crane Insurance Cost Impact: By enhancing risk transfer potential and improving safety performance through operator measurement and grading, our technology can contribute to reduced insurance and self-insured retention costs.

Leadership in Innovation

CRL technology integrates with our Federation of trade groups in analytics solutions and with our Crane Risk Culture Upgrade System features. This synergy reimagines crane risk management holistically through the vertical integration of CRL Analytics, Culture, and Technology platforms for crane owners across North America.

We anticipate the exciting introduction of CRL Culture and Technology solutions to the crane marketplace during the Beta Test stages coming soon.

We are innovators and pioneers of safer, more efficient crane operations. Join CRL in re-shaping the future of crane safety, one technological advancement at a time!

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