The future of crane risk management is Crane Risk Management As A Service – a paradigm shift that transcends traditional safety approaches and empowers your operations like never before, Driving Transformational Change

Redefining Crane Safety Culture & Insurance Solutions

  1. Multi-Discipline Risk Indicator Assessments (RIA) Elevate your risk intelligence with comprehensive assessments by our crane industry subject matter experts. We evaluate factors from five pivotal areas:
    • Crane Risk Inspection
    • Crane Safety Training
    • Crane Contract Management
    • Crane Litigation Containment
    • Crane Safety/Claims Data Mining
  2. Self-Insured Retention Support (SRS) Harness the power of data-backed risk reduction with subject matter expert resources to control insurance costs effectively and mitigate legal exposures.
  3. Crane Safety Culture Model (CSC) Transform your safety culture with a unique, proprietary (12)-step system that engenders continuous improvement and accountability. From leadership commitment to organizational risk evaluation, every facet of your operations is addressed.


At CRL, we believe in empowering crane operators to excel in a dynamic industry. Our Crane Risk Management As A Service stands as a testament to this belief, providing operators in the crane rental, steel erection, and heavy construction sectors with tangible benefits that revolutionize their approach to safety and performance:

  • Real-time Actionable Intelligence Receive up-to-the-minute crane risk insights to drive safety enhancements and strategic decision-making.
  • Beyond Regulatory Compliance Harness the power of subject matter resources to impact human factor risk improvement.
  • Unprecedented Cost Savings Navigate the volatile insurance landscape confidently with proven risk reduction strategies that measurably reduce insurance costs.
  • Mitigate Legal Verdict Exposures Safeguard your reputation and financial security by containing litigation risks and avoiding catastrophic legal verdicts.

A Journey Toward Excellence

Crane Risk Management As A Service begins with a holistic crane operational risk assessment approach. Five targeted risk assessment areas – built on decades of experience – create a foundation for ongoing improvements:

  1. Company Culture Assessment
  2. Safety Training Evaluation
  3. Accident Causation Analysis
  4. Risk Transfer Assessment
  5. Litigation Probability Measurement

Elevating Safety Performance

This process culminates with the administration of our proprietary (12)-step Crane Safe Culture system. This trademarked dynamic system propels your organization into a realm of heightened safety performance and accountability. Seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge technology, our Crane Risk Management As A Service output and Crane Risk Information Exchange data drive continuous improvements, creating safer, more efficient operations.

The 12 Crane Safe Culture Variables

  1. Leadership Commitment
  2. Open Communication Environment
  3. True Workforce Engagement
  4. Jobsite Safety Climate Assessments
  5. Continuous Learning Environment
  6. Attitude Transformation
  7. Situational Awareness Mastery
  8. Performance Measurement and Accountability
  9. Recognition and Rewards for Excellence
  10. Organizational Risk Evaluation
  11. Culture Indoctrination and Crisis Management
  12. Continual Improvement through Systematic Training

Unlocking the Future Today

Embrace the future of crane safety with Crane Risk Logic’s Crane Risk Management As A Service. Join us in reshaping the industry, fostering a culture of excellence, and achieving unparalleled safety performance. Together, we’re building a safer, more efficient tomorrow.

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